When it comes to planning a budget-friendly and problem-free festival, SassyFly is your best choice. We are equipped with booths, tents, chairs and table and chair rentals for your next festival. Further, our skilled event planning team knows the value of timelines and logistics for all types of events. So let us help you make your festival the best.

We will provide site plans for your festival space to make sure there’s a proper flow of traffic. ¬†Also, if you need us to meet with your planning committee to make the event run smoothly, we will!

Our Company has a large tent rental inventory. What this means is, we have the quantities and sizes to fit your festival space.

We ensure that our rental equipment, which includes chairs, games, booths, and tables arrive in good condition.

For a problem-free event, we designate an event expert to manage the event. They’ll get building permits for tents, organize site visits and will build and edit CAD drawings if adjustments are needed.

What’s more?

Most people worry about unexpected weather conditions when holding a festival. Our major priority at SassyFly is setting our tools in a secure and safe manner. With us, you’ll have the best event!

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Our reputation in event planning and rental is completely flexible and dependable and we meet our client’s ever-changing needs. With several years of event planning experience, we have the right skills to help plan your event.