Corporate Event

If you want your corporate event (corporate ceremony, a party or picnic) to go smoothly, you need the best event planner.

Our Corporate clients benefit from our professional abilities and experience in tent rentals and event planning. We strive to make their corporate events memorable.

Our varieties of tents are unparalleled and we offer various tent sizes bigger than an event center.

Most times, corporate events come with difficult deadlines. With SassyFly, your event will kick off according to schedule.

After all, we are recognized for being flexible and dependable.

Why you need an event planning service for your corporate event

No doubts, there are difficulties involved when planning an event that involves a large group of people in the corporate world. Don’t let the stress of event planning overwhelm you—let SassyFly handle the difficult work for you.

Our aim is to make certain that your corporate event kicks off and end without an issue. Also, we strive to make your event the subject of discussion among colleagues in the corporate sector. So let us help you make your event memorable with our vast selection of tents. Also, if you’ll be hosting a catered event, SassyFly offer chair and table rentals for your seating needs.

Our corporate event planning process

To give you the best space for your event, we start the process by measuring the site.

After taking the right measurements, we will create a Computer-Aided Design of the site. This will let us organize the space, chairs, and tables appropriately and where the stage will go.

Once that’s settled, we will talk about other logistics with you, including a load-in plan and timeline.

Why choose us?

SassyFly is a prominent corporate event company. We listen to our clients and provide what they need.

We have worked with a lot of popular corporate companies. They have attested that our services are a testament to the dedication we display. Let SassyFly plan and work with you to host your next corporate event. So call us today for your event planning and rental needs.